ECommerce Website Guide

Free ECommerce Website Guide “Get Selling Online” in 2017


What is an ECommerce Website Shop ?

In simple terms ECommerce is the buying & selling of SERVICES and PRODUCTS by businesses or consumers over the internet the likes of ebay and Amazon are some of the most successful types of ECommerce websites

Today People use the term “ECommerce” or “Online Shopping Website” to describe the process of searching on Google for & selecting products in online shopping catalogues websites and then “adding to cart” followed by”checking out” and using a credit card and encrypted payment processing like Paypal to complete the online shopping process.

Internet sales are increasing rapidly as consumers take advantage of how easy it is to shop online the lower prices offered by sellers (as they have lower  operating costs) with less margin than a physical high street store, Meaning that Website Builders Ireland can put your shop online add online shopping to your existing website or build you a new ECommerce shopping website for as little as €1495 Contact Us…


ECommerce Website Shopping Benefits to Customers are:

  • Greater convenience of having a product delivered
  • Reduced cost of time transport and parking of going to a physical shop
  • Ease of sourcing product more cheaply from overseas sellers
  • More variety and inventory offered by ECommerce online shopping websites
  • ECommerce comparison websites that compare and recommend products and shopping websites like ebay


ECommerce Website Guide  Thinking of Selling Online!

ECommerce covers a wide variety of online shopping facilities. Creating ECommerce websites and systems is one of Website Builders Ireland specialties. From basic online shops to hotel reservation systems, restaurant booking systems and product shopping cart websites to sell virtually any product or service online from fishing Tackle websites to Jewellery Hotel and beauty product websites.
For many of our eCommerce online shops, we recommend the likes of Paypal for secure online restaurant bookings hotel reservations and high street shops wanting to sell the same products as on the shelf online.


Some businesses need software that’s created specifically towards their needs. For more bespoke eCommerce software, check out our Bespoke Website Development page


Online Booking Systems and Reservation Systems

As customers are increasingly dependent on the internet for booking hotel reservations, Table reservations in a restaurant or reserving their place on an outdoor pursuit days weeks or even months in advance. To get the most out of modern technology, try one of our booking/reservation systems.

Whether you want customers to be able to reserve a room in your hotel like O’Callaghan Hotel Group, Book a restaurant table at one of the best restaurants in Dublin from Rustic stone or Fadestreet Social or purchase a relaxing massage voucher at Zenergy beauty Dublin, website Builders Ireland has the solution for your business!


Business to Consumer ECommerce Websites – B2C

In Irish online shopping context B2C (business to consumer) online ECommerce trading activity was slow to take off, as at first consumers had doubts about the security of credit card transactions and payments however this has now gone full circle and has increased immensely now consumers have understanding of secure payment methods like Paypal.

At first in Ireland B2C trading focused on  Hotel Reservations CDs, software and books – items which were compact and easily shipped and where prices could be slashed once the retailer’s cut was taken out of the margin. Amazon books or Hotel Reservations would be a good example of this. These products and services pushed the perimeters of the market out for goods bought on-line, making it easy fast and proffitable for the consumer to have instant booking confirmation and businesses to see instant streamlined sales.

A Hotel Reservation or a Music CD’s are relatively generic products. A CD bought in the US will have the same music and quality as one bought locally in store and the same hotel room at the same hotel will still be the same just maybe they are not being charged a 25% commission from a third party hotel reservation website so there is no doubt in the consumers mind exactly what the product is. This is not the case with shoes fishing tackle or jewellery, where sizes can confuse the purchasers decision and where size selection and choices focus strongly in the customers purchasing decision.

The Ebay online shopping website has really transform purchasing methods on the web. Many people have made their first ECcommerce website transaction on Ebay. Many people sell on the Ebay shopping website too, opening the doors to the work-from-home/website shipping model of ECommerce shopping websites.

All though B2C transactions were localized or hard to find products can be extremely strong. If you have a unique product that is highly relevant to a unique market, you are likely to do very well with an ECommerce website shop that will enhance your physical business profile and increase your methods for customers to buy.

Although ECommerce website shops increase sales rapidly on the Internet, the volume of turnover figures continue to fail short of industry estimates due to the retailers hesitation in selling online rather than consumers purchasing online. But as retail web sites become more navigable and privacy policies are displayed, more people will be drawn to internet based ECommerce purchasing by lower prices and convenience.


Business to Business ECommerce Websites – B2B

Business to business (B2B) is the exchange of products or services between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers, Example being a wholesaler selling to a retail high street shop.

Early interest focused on the growth of retailing on the Internet, forecasts are that B2B revenue will far exceed B2C revenue in the near future as it is a proven way to reduce retails costs with bulk purchasing power and streamline delivery and storage processes, One of our Clients received a €750 order from a retailer the day after we turned his ECommerce Website Shop live by a client he had done business with before but did not know they had the goods in stock.


ECommerce Website Credit Card Security

At website Builders Ireland we take your customers credit card security very seriously, The credit card companies are constantly evolving more secure credit card purchasing on the Internet. A customer will be asked to give a three digit verification code or (CVV Code) on the reverse of there card. This is to prove you have the card in your hand at the time you made the purchase booking or reservation.

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