New Website Domain Name Registration

New Website Domain Name Registration 


New website domain Name registration is registering a unique new website domain name via a registrar, we do this for Free for all website design packages and normally is your business type or company name example being this can end in many country extension’s such as .ie for Ireland .com for Worldwide or for UK.


 We will also advise you on available domain name choices to match your business type and requirements, So if you would like to know the best domain names for your business or service type please Contact us and let us know the following:


Name of Company or new website domain name should include:


Type Of Business (Restaurant, Hotel, Plumber)

Location of Business (Dublin, London)

Country of Business (Ireland, UK,)


Check If Your New Domain Name is Available Today


We recommend Blacknight Internet Services that offer a fully comprehensive domain name search and hosting packages should you wish to purchase and register the domain name yourself. Alternatively we can send you a list of the best domain names available that are suitable for your business or any website and host them for you on our extensive hosting package with Blacknight, at present we look after over 620 domain names and websites for our Clients.


Tips on Choosing a New Domain Name

When choosing and registering a new domain name it is important to take into consideration the following:

  • Length of New Domain Name (Preferably 26 Characters or less including the www.)
  • Does the New Domain name reflect your business name or services?
  • Do not choose a domain name that has hyphens (Example
  • Always choose the .com (If Available) as well as your country / organisation extension .ie ,
  • Look for a new domain name that contains keywords so it lists high on Google and is SEO Friendly.


And we will be happy to send you a free list of the best available new website domain names for your business type, With No Obligation to purchase.


Popular Domain Registration Extension Types


Domain Purpose / Sponsoring Organization
.COM Generic top-level domain
VeriSign Global Registry Services
.ie Generic top-level domain
Ireland (Restrictions Apply) Generic top-level domain
United Kingdom (Restrictions Apply)
.org Generic top-level domain
Public Interest Registry (PIR)


For a full listing of New Website Domain Name types and explanations Please Visit or Contact Us…