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Pay Per Click Marketing Management Ireland


If you are looking for an instant profile and website traffic on Google selling your goods and services then Google Adwords our Pay Per Click Marketing package will guarantee this in a very short period of time, are rates start from as little as €25.00 per week for Full Pay Per Click Marketing Management Contact Us….. and is included in our Gold Website Package & E-commerce Website Package


So what is Pay Per Click  Marketing (Google PPC)

Well Google has it in simple term these are:

  1. Start by writing an ad that tells people what you offer.
  2. Next, choose the search terms that will make your ad show in the Google results.
  3. Finally, set a daily budget then your ad is ready to go live.


For more info or to have a go yourself please follow this link to find out more on pay Per Click Marketing with Google Adwords or let the professionals save you time and most importantly money with our Pay Per Click Marketing Packages. 


How Google Pay Per Click Marketing Can Help Your Business Instant!

Website Builders Ireland have been managing over 3400 successful Google Pay Per Click Campaigns for over 12 years. No matter what your budget or market if your customers are searching online we will find them and bring them to your existing or new website using our Pay Per Click Marketing management experience and understanding of “how it works”.


We offer more than Google Pay Per Click  marketing expertise, We know the important statistics are not the amount of clicks you get, but how many new paying customers (Conversions) your campaign has made for you . If you wish we will advise you on the changes you should make on your existing websites to ensure you turn clicks into conversions.

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Why do I need a Google Adwords Account Manager ?

If you use Google Adwords to promote your business, you already know that it is deceptively simple to set-up an Adwords account, enter your credit card, add keywords build ads, and start getting traffic via those adds to your website. It is very easy to spend money on Google Adwords, but to target via location, cost per click (CPC), increase CPC % in mobile devices or to only show your adds at different times and days of the week, but spending your budget wisely getting the maximum amount of track-able conversions for the minimum cost per click is another matter.

You also know it can take up hours of your time going over reports and traffic statistics. Time that could be better spent doing what you do best.

For most businesses the hard part is making money with Google Adwords in the most cost effective way, Why not let WebsiteBuilders Ireland partnership with you, set up and manage your Adwords account so you can focus on running your business.


New To Google Pay Per Click Marketing?


If you are new to Adwords or looking for some one to manage an existing Google Adwords account Website Builders Ireland can help you ensure your campaign is structured and profitable by :

  • Research in to your business Goals. Every business is different, you as a business owner set your goals and we explain the best Pay per Click Marketing solutions.
  • Target your markets and customer profiles for the months seasonal changes and year ahead.
  • We listen to you and if Google Adwords can’t deliver in the common search network results or display network for you we will tell you. We will construct your campaign with your business goals in mind.
  •  You set the budget for your Google Adwords spend from €25 per week and we maximise conversions.
  • Knowing your customers by understanding Your target audience and market , what they like or don’t like, where they hang out on-line, what they are searching for and when.


Finding out about your competitors online marketing, products services and website traffic, Keywords ect.
Once we have the ground work done we will ensure your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign delivers on the following

Campaign Structure – A Solid foundations is like bedrock.

There are LOTS of options available when setting up your Google Pay Per Click marketing campaign. Many of them if left at the default option seem to benefit Google more then you. We check everything and accept no default options unless it is in your best interests.


Best keywords for your budget.

Choosing the best keywords for your Adwords campaign may look simple at a glance, but it’s not! You’ve got to find the keywords with the perfect combination of high search volume, low competition, commercial intent, and relevance to your products or services as well as the landing page . Better keywords means more quality targeted traffic and lower cost per click.
Lower click costs – Average Cost Per Click (Avg.CPC)

Through better management and optimization of your Quality Score, our Adwords specialist can make your ads rank higher on the search results, while costing you less per click. Lower click costs means lower cost per conversion, which translates to more profits.

Lower Click Costs = Higher Profit

Google Adwords Pay Per Click, Click Through Rates (CTR)

The higher the Click Through Rates the more traffic your website is getting, If nobody clicks on your Google Ads then it’s all a waste of time, so we build eye catching Ads and continually look to improve the click through rate of you Ad by running multiple Ads for each keyword and then weeding out the lowest performing Ads.

Bringing Relevant, Quality Cost Effective targeted Traffic to your site is only the start of the selling process. Website Builders Ireland can then evaluate and grow your online profile in the following ways to ensure traffic turns into new customers.

More Pay Per Click conversions.

By working hard to maximize your conversion rates we ensure your Adwords experience is a profitable one.
Smarter decisions. Your Google Adwords account manager will help set-up, collect and interpret your campaign-related data so you can make smart, profitable decisions.

The difference between an OK campaign and a great campaign is usually how well you use analytic s  data, we use tracking code to follow your customers so we know what keyword /s they searched on Google, what Ad was clicked on and how much a conversion has cost you to generate. Plus we give you €75.00 worth FREE of Google Adwords credit on all new accounts.

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