PPC Management Package

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Management

By WebsiteBuilders.ie

Maybe you have been running your own Google Ad words campaign for a few months or so, and have realised how time consuming and expensive Adwords can be to run internally, or possibly you are looking at setting up Google Adwords and using Adwords for the first time to instantly increase traffic to your business website and find the control panel or settings confusing  to get to grips with.

PPC Management Experience

Website Builders Ireland have over 12 years of experience with Google AdWords, managing over 1400 Google adwords campaigns and have internal Google Qualified Individuals ready to assist you and your PPC account for a short Promotional period or ongoing basis.


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We can facilitate your company through different methods from full PPC management to PPC setup and consultancy. Our full PPC Management Package – Includes :

  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Structure
  • Ad Wording and Targeting
  • Quality Score Monitoring
  • CPC (cost per click) Management
  • Regular Reports
  • Keyword Refinement
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Fast Setup and Promotional Ad Writing


For as little as only €25 per week and included for Free in our Gold Business Website Package.


Keyword Research :

Each website is in it’s own field and has it’s own selection of search terms Broad Match, Phrase Match or Exact Match type associated with it, when optimizing a PPC campaign it would be our responsibility to make sure your ad is being shown for all the right types of keywords, Maximizing your return on money spent.


Campaign Structure :

The structure of your campaign makes managing editing and reporting your ad performance a lot easier, making it easier to change budgets target locations or push a particular product or service on a given month. It also helps to understand where your money is being spent and ensuring conversions are track-able so no money is wasted.


Ad Wording and Targeting :

The wording in your ad can increase your click through rate dramatically by increasing quality score. If your ad text and the content on the website landing page match, lowering your cost per click. It would be our responsibility to ensure all your ads have high quality scores to maximise clicks for your budget and increase conversions.


CPC (cost per click) Management :

Making sure you are getting your moneys worth for each click your site receives requires a lot of analysis from the AdWords control panel, our search qualified individuals will be putting their expertise and experience into fine tuning your ads for optimal performance for your budget lowering your cost per conversion (CPC).


Regular Reports :

There is nothing that will be done on your AdWord account that won’t be spoken about with you as the client, full transparency is a must for all of our management contracts. At the end of every month a report will be sent to keep you up to date with how your campaigns are performing.


PPC Keyword Refinement :

How do you know when you are covering all possible search terms? When should you remove a search term from your list? Our search experts take care of this aspect of your AdWord account for you. Through analysis of all search queries that your ads have been shown and analysis of your website and the services/products that you offer, we will make sure the only clicks you are paying for are for relevant searches.


Conversion Tracking :

It is important to know that the money you are putting into your PPC campaign is offering you return on investment, by using conversion tracking this becomes a lot easier. With detailed reports outlining how each campaign down to the keyword level are performing in relation to conversion it becomes a lot more transparent which keywords to put more money into.


Our Full PPC Management Package Includes  :

If you have been advertising and using Google AdWord for some time, it could be that you feel you are not getting back the results you deserve or ROI.

Or perhaps your AdWords campaigns have grown in size that they are difficult to manage and you need some advice or a solution to organizing your account for efficient targeting. If you take advantage of our PPC Marketing Management package you will be provided with a direct contact telephone number to your AdWord consultant, based on your requirements your qualified consultant will assist you and provide advice so that you can get the most from your AdWord account budget and maximise conversions.

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