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SEO Website Search Engine Optimization


Most web design companies will make you a good looking website then they’re job is done and you’re on your own! But what’s the point of having a fantastic looking website if no one finds it? Our website packages come with web traffic and visitors. Just like a real shopping center, customers walk in, and the shops closest to the entrance (they have to go in by the entrance Google page 1) will do far better  than a shop at the back: your website needs to be on the main street of Google and we have the skills to make this happen.


So you may ask what is SEO ?

“Short for search engine optimization (SEO) is the process and set of rules of increasing the amount of visitors to a website for free, by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the Search Engine Results Page of a search engine  like Google ( SERP ). The higher a website page ranks in the search results, the greater the chance that that website will be visited by a customer”.


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So you might be interested in how we achieve a high page rank on the search engines using SEO and how it works! We break SEO into two types:

1) Organic (FREE listings) More info…..

2) Everything Else (PPC Marketing & LINKS) More info…..


What Is Organic SEO ?

Organic SEO is work you do to bring your website higher in the natural (Organic SEO) search engine rankings for particular search terms. Some methods of this include gaining back links to your website or adding new fresh relevant content to a website page. Elements to gain a higher ranking on the search engines include Page Title, Description of page (Meta Description), Keywords and content all these factors play a part some more than others when Googles algorithm decides what out of many (sometimes millions) is the most relevant page to show at the top of search results page for a certain search.


SEO Search Results  “Fishing With Many Lines”

When a potential new or existing customer lets focus on new customers are looking for a product or service its fair to say on the internet they “Google It” as they have an idea what they want to find but don’t know where to find it, and the pages that show first on the search results paid (PPC) and Organic (SEO) results are the web pages that have the best chance of being clicked on and visited.


So how about instead of just having one page showing in the Google results Paid or Free you have many pages showing for different and similar search terms matching what your goods & services are, Its like fishing with 5 fishing lines with bait on, instead of just 1 line, Who do you think will catch the most amount of fish in the search pond? Contact Us


SEO What Do You Want To List For & Why ?

At Website Builders Ireland we ask you what search terms you would like to be shown for, research them known as keywords or phrases, then take a look at your existing website or build the new website with this in mind, analyse the competition for these search terms including the number of searches a term gets over time and then recommend how to get listed or show up high on Google for this search. We can also explain and target your locations as whats the point in being listed in the results page of Sydney Australia when your business products or services are only available in Dublin or London.


SEO can work well with PPC

SEO takes time sometimes weeks sometimes months it all depends on how many websites have there fishing line out in the results pond, however before during and after your website page is shown in the Google organic search results you can always avail of PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click) to get instant results.

You fix how much you want to spend per month and we will set up and manage this budget for you until your website shows for that search term, once it does we can change the PPC keywords so you can list for new searches using different keywords as your organic SEO listing is now showing for Free. Contact Us…..


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