Free Google Ads PPC Audit

Free Google Ads PPC Audit Worth £249

At Website Builders UK & Ireland wee understand that as a business owner You or Marketing department need to cut through the Auto Google Ads PPC Tools sales jargon and automatically processed data cut to the chase to how your Google Ads PPC account is setup and working for you in regards to spend verses ROI.

100% Free Google Ads PPC Audit By an Experience Google Ads Professional

Our Google Ads PPC specialists with over 18 years experience running and setting up over 8,550 Google Ads PPC accounts are ready to do that just for you, with no payment or obligation, this will probably the best thing you can do for your company in 2023 going forward to grow your market share.

Our detailed manually created Google Ads PPC audits are, often between 5- 60 pages depending on how many pages your website has and products or services you wish to sell online.

What Will The Google Ads PPC Audit Report Tell You:

  • 1 What Keyword Types (Phase Match, Exact Match or Broad Match) need to be changed.
  • How optimised are your Ads Relevant to the landing page content.
  • How you can reduce the cost per click and reduce spend on high value keywords.
  • If the Google Ads PPC account needs to be split into more Ad Groups.
  • What is needed to get you higher up the search results.
  • Account Structure & Account Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences and Locations
  • Negative Keywords
  • Quality Score 10/10 is the best

Your free Google Ads audit helps you understand in plan English what can be done to improve ad rank and the amount of web traffic that is trying to get up to the top of Google search for certain keywords also what is and is not working in your account, saving you time and money.

Our Google Adwords Specialists will Audit your account themselves, This is conducted by a human not computer software and will give details of how this will improve your return on investment, The next step is up to you if you would like this work done its very simply your choice.


Google Ads PPC Marketing

Google Ads PPC accounts are a very specialist field of digital marketing like Facebook marketing, and you should look for a Digital Marketing agency that has Google Ads specialists or Google Partners like we have been for over 16 years, with a proven track record in getting the best results for your budget, turning lookers to buyers or bookers.

This will give you the edge against your competitors who are also trying to list high on Google search for the same keywords, we will if you work with us ask you what keywords or search terms you would like to list for high on Google and do the rest for you, So absolutely nothing to loose, and everything to gain so Contact us or Call us on 0044(0) 7869 673110


If You Choose Us To Manage Your Google Ads PPC Account

  • Dedicated Account Manager from day 1
  • Experts in the Google Ads PPC Field
  • Weekly Or Monthly Performance Reports
  • Very Competitive fees (From £50 p/w)
  • Daily Account Monitoring and editing
  • Fresh Marketing Ideas Just for your business
  • UK & Ireland based offices
  • Free Google Account Setup*
  • 1 Month Rolling Contract No Long  Term Contracts