Google Adwords Setup Package

Google Adwords Setup Package

The Google Adwords Setup Package has been designed to be flexible so you can decide if you want just the Google Adwords account setup for your website and you manage it yourself OR if  you would like to get on with running your business and prefer Website Builders Ireland to fully Manage your Google adwords account for you using our PPC Marketing Management option.

What is included in the Google Adwords Setup Package

  1. Full Google Adwords account setup.
  2. Keyword research for your goods & services.
  3. Structured Google Adwords account split into Campaigns and Ad Groups.
  4. Location Targeting for your website adds, Town City Country or Globally.
  5. Google Ad SEO writing including display and destination URL’s.
  6. Device preference selections (Mobile Phones, Tablets ect).
  7. Ad scheduling showing your ads when customers are searching.
  8. Cost Per Click setup per ad group, (You set your daily budget we set it up).
  9. Competitors PPC analysis and Keyword traffic report.
  10.  Tracking Code for website to track every conversion.

Website Builders Ireland will get your Google Adwords Account Setup and built quickly and cost efficiently so your Google ads are displaying ready for those new customer clicks ASAP, Contact Us today and your Google Ads could be live by tomorrow, selling your goods & services at the top of the search results on Google.


Our Google adwords setup package is a one off setup package no monthly fees or charges and is included in the price of our Silver Business Website Package & Gold Premium Website Package FREE 


Benefits To Your Business of the Google Adwords Account Setup Package

Google Adwords Account Setup will instantly get your website exposure and customers by way of traffic from the day the account goes live on the internet. This will be on the search network and or the display network depending on your target market and goods and services you would like to sell online.

Fully traceable click to conversions tracking, so you know what keywords your customers are typing in and searching for on the internet and what Google ad they clicked on to get that conversion sale to your business.

For more information on the Google Adwords Account Setup Package what you want to display for, who your online competitors are, please Contact us and we will be more than happy to get your ads up and running within 2 working days.

Full cost of Google Adwords Setup package is €199.00 with Free Google Adwords Voucher